Bernalillo County Behavioral Health Services wants to expand training and education

Margarita Chavez-Sanchez, Director of the Bernalillo County Behavioral Health Services discussed how they are improving behavioral health outcomes in Bernalillo County through innovative, cohesive and measurable programs, treatment of services, and supports aimed at preventing the incidence of crisis and substance use disorder. he three divisions of the Department of Behavioral Health Services are Behavioral Health, Substance Abuse, and Driving While Intoxicated.

Bernalillo County is expanding training and education services for traumatic brain injuries and cultural competencies. $1 million has been invested in training & education programs in the community.

The training offered includes brain injury support groups, training for first responders and school staff to identify and respond to signs of trauma in children, cultural competencies for black New Mexicans with mental health needs, empathic listening, mindfulness, and family-to-family programs. These are just a handful of the services that these providers are able to offer to the community at no cost.

The providers for this project include ARCA, All Faiths, New Mexico Black Mental Health Coalition, New Mexico Motivational Interviewing Training Center, and the National Alliance on Mental Illness.