New Mexico Lottery releases new scratchers

Now is the perfect time to talk about feeling lucky. The New Mexico Lottery has all sorts of new, fun games for you to get in on. Director of Advertising and Marketing for the New Mexico Lottery Wendy Ahlm talked about winners and the exciting new games that are on sale now.

This month there are some new $5 and $10 scratchers available for players. Something that’s a little bit different about these scratchers is that instead of a big prize, there are a lot of $500 and $1,000 prizes.

Ahlm says there are a lot of prizes so more people can win.

In New Mexico, there is a Mega Millions drawing Tuesday night of $90 million. The Powerball drawing is Wednesday night sitting at $130 million.

The new Mexico Lottery has raised more than $840 million for New Mexico education through lottery ticket sales.

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