3D Security Services Group can help protect your business from thieves

If you’re a business owner and are looking to hire security for your company, look no further than 3D Security Services Group. Their officers are second to none and are trained based on real-world scenarios to ensure they are fully capable of performing the job they were hired to do.

3D Security Services Group started as a training company in 2014 and then eventually turned into a security company. CEO Chris Sweetin says they mainly work with businesses but have worked with private residences.

3D Security Services Group will be the only one of its kind in New Mexico. Most security companies train their guards internally, which means the training provided varies from company to company, with no standard of training.

New Mexico state private investigations advisory board gives an outline of areas that need to be covered but has no way to ensure all companies are following their direction.  3D Security Servies Group officers endure over eight weeks of training and the last two weeks will be tailored to the specific client’s needs. 3D SSG’s working relationship with 3D Security Training Solutions, LLC ensures the most up-to-date requirements are being instructed, solving these concerns by standardizing the security guard training.

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