Reduce the risk of coronavirus with Top Tier Service

Top Tier Service is a commercial HVAC contractor dedicated to offering the highest quality repair, maintenance and installation of HVAC equipment in New Mexico. CFO Joan Baker says so many people forget about the ventilation system which is where air moving through.

During the recent outbreak, Top Tier Service wanted to share a product with people that is proven to reduce the flu virus, H1N1, the bird flu, strep, and many more viruses and bacteria. The CDC tests prove it to be effective on the norovirus, step, listeria and other bacteria and viruses transferred in the air and on surfaces.

Top Tier Service will be temporarily offering REME-HALO to residential properties during the COVID-19 pandemic. REME-HALO uses a reflective electromagnetic energy cell to create ionized hydro-peroxides (H202). This unique technology tested and validated by third-party independent labs and universities proactively reduces bacteria, mold and viruses in the air and on surfaces by 99%  while also decreasing odors, smoke and VOCs.

Statement from the manufacturer in regards to the new virus:

“COVID-19 is a member of the enveloped RNA coronavirus (subgenus sarbecovirus, Orthocoronavirinae) subfamily. While RGF® does not have testing specifically on COVID-19, we have validated test results showing 99+% reductions on similar viruses. These viruses, like COVID-19, are also ‘enveloped’ or protein jacketed virus types. If we can reduce these virus types, an assumption could be made that we would also be effective at reducing the current coronavirus at hand. Important to note that we make no medical claims.”

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