New Mexico Workforce Connection has a number of programs to help job seekers

Making an impact for IT jobseekers is what New Mexico Workforce Connection has been doing.

In July of 2016, the New Mexico Workforce Connection received $4 million four-year US Department of Labor grant for an innovative job training program designed to equip Information Technology job seekers in central New Mexico with training and skills to quickly advance into well-paying IT jobs. That program is coming to an end this year but has made a big impact on IT job seekers and employers here in central New Mexico.

Augusta Meyers says this program helped make a tech talent pipeline in New Mexico. She said even though the tech program is coming to an end, they are other programs available at New Mexico Workforce Connection.

Meyers said there are about 20 to 30 jobs available with TechHire. The program offers paid Tech/IT job training and job placement opportunities for eligible participants. TechHire New Mexico also provides Tech/IT employers paid incumbent worker training, paid internships, and trained job seekers from our pipeline of superb IT talent.