PC Place provides help for those in the IT field

If someone staying home, or is working from home, and is need of computer repair, PC Place offers a TeamViewer, so they can take a look at what’s going on remotely. While this is something they’ve had for a long time, Their technicians are prepared to use this more with today’s circumstances.

Viruses vs PUPs

There a lot of people that are going online more now. Whether it’s for work, education, or just online, and there’s a lot of potentials for viruses, and other things, to harm our computers.

PUPs are software that can go on our computers and do things that we are not aware of, and may not be a virus but it’s doing things that we never intended to do with our computers. Virus protection programs don’t count PUPs as viruses, so they don’t do anything to stop these from happening.

An example of this is your homepage has changed to something else to make you go to other websites other than Google, or whatever you set your homepage.

PC Place can help protect your computer from viruses and PUPs. They can provide the right steps to take to help keep your computer safe.

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