The Shop Breakfast & Lunch offers bulk items and a new delivery service

As most of you know, the COVID-19 outbreak has restaurants closing their dine-in options. However, many food establishments across the state are going above and beyond to still serve our community and keep business going. Chef Israel Rivera of The Shop Breakfast & Lunch in Nob Hill took some time to talk about what he’s doing and working hard during these difficult times.

The Shop Breakfast and Lunch is a small cafe, from two friends who grew up in Albuquerque together and decided to go all in. They make almost all of their food in house from local and organic ingredients. They strive to make the best food for your morning or afternoon. They want everyone to feel welcome in their new home and hope you will all come in and visit them. They display local artists and will be changing the art every month or so, if you’re interested in displaying your artwork, let them know!

The Shop Breakfast & Lunch is offering call-ins and pick-ups right now. For dinner, they’re offering a “dinner a day.” This is where they make one dinner dish all day and people have the opportunity to pick it up at night for dinner. They do this to help feed families who may need some help with some dinner options.

Another option they’re having is bulk options. Everything they make is home-made and in house. They’re offering their red-chile, chicken stock, pickled items, big batches of soup, jams, biscuits, or any of the other stuff they make in bulk as an opportunity to stock up on certain items.

If you want to place your order, The Shop Breakfast and Lunch Cafe is open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. You can call them at 505-433-2795 to place an order. They are also partnering up with Selflane for online orders and delivery straight to your home.