How St. Therese Catholic School is keeping kids learning during COVID-19

The New Mexico Public Education Department announced on Friday that schools in New Mexico are now officially closed for the remainder of the academic year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With so much time away from the classroom, there’s a growing fear that students’ academic progress will take a major hit as a result. We sat down with Donna Illerbrun of St. Therese Catholic School via Zoom to talk about what they’re doing to keep kids learning during COVID-19 school closures.

At St. Therese Catholic School, they set up a drive-through pick up of lesson plans and distant learning packets. They also collected all the resources students may need, bagged them up, and delivered them to their cars through curbside pickup. They are also taking advantage of online resources such as Google Classroom and Zoom video conferences. They’ve been also using Reading Plus – a reading program that helps all levels of students.