The County Line is still smokin’ for you during COVID-19

As we continue to maneuver our way through the coronavirus outbreak, we are seeing drastic measures being taken. One of those measures, of course, is closing all dine-in options at restaurants across the state.

That hasn’t stopped som many local eateries though, going above and beyond to provide you delicious curbside, to-go service. One of those places is our friends down at The County Line. We spoke with them via Skype about their curbside service, extended hours, what their availability for food delivery is, and of course, the fact that no matter what happens, they are still smokin’.

The County Line is offering curbside delivery and take-out, so you don’t have to enter their building, and also offering delivery if you give them about a 24-hour notice. You just have to give them a call with your order and they’ll be able to provide contact-less delivery.

You can pick up their meats in a variety of choices; cooked and prepared, cooked and frozen, or frozen and raw so you can cook it whenever you like. They’ll also offer instructions on how to cook their meat.

The County Line wants you to know that even though it may seem like a scary time for you right now, they are here for you. They’ll continue to provide comfort food in great barbeque. They’ll always make sure their food is safe and that their customers are taken care of.