Dr. Stevie DeJuan Springer offers healthy tips for parents now that kids are off of school

Kids are officially home for at least the rest of the school year due to the coronavirus health threat in our state and in our country that we are currently facing. Now with kids home from school, parents have been left wondering what to do with their kids now that they have all this free time. This includes, of course, their diet. We spoke with Dr. Stevie DeJuan Springer of Wise and Well via Skype to get some tips on how parents can prepare for the week while providing their children with a healthy nutritious meal when they sit down the table.

Some of the nutritional problems parents may be facing now that kids are off of school is that they’re encouraging kids to go in-and-out of the refrigerator all day, resulting in kids snacking more throughout the day. Parents may not be as mindful as having kids eat breakfast, go to class, have lunch, maybe even a snack, then be out of school. So it’s important that as parents, to be mindful that you have to set a balance.

Parents can put together a menu, with both breakfast, lunch, and some snacking and put in the times of day for these things to take place. They can also meal-prep their children’s lunches at the beginning of the week.

Dr. Stevie DeJuan Springer of Wise and Well is a community awareness health practitioner who help individuals with chronic pain and other ailments through natural elements designed to heal the body.

Dr. Stevie DeJuan Springer has a PhD in Business management and a medical PhD in Biology and Exercise Science with a focus in Chronic Pain, Occupational Therapy and Nutrition.

As a health practitioner, Dr. Springer’s focus is to educate individuals to live healthy while combating health and physical ailments by controlling imbalanced impurities through nutrition and physical activity with a guided daily regimen.