The Mindful Center provides tips for these stressful times

It is no secret that times are more stressful right now than they usually are. As we work through the uncertainty of the coronavirus outbreak, it’s not uncommon to find yourself stressed and anxious. With that being said, there are ways to combat these heavy feelings. We spoke with Michelle DuVal, one of the nation’s leading Mindfulness experts and director of The Mindful Center – the leading provider of mindfulness training in the Southwest, via Skype to get some tips on things that we can right now to introduce mindfulness into our daily lives.

5 tips for Mindfulness

  • Pay attention to positives
  • Drop into your body
  • Tune into the insula
  • 5 Mindful breaths, 5 times per day
  • Get guided meditation

With over 18 years of evidence-based training, research, and practice, Michelle’s Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programs are highly sought after by organizations such as Sandia National Labs, the University of New Mexico, the Department of Energy, the Presbyterian Heatlhplex, and the Public Service University with the City of Albuquerque. Michelle’s programs, retreats, and courses are also available to folks like you.

Her meditations can be found on Spotify, InsightTimer, YouTube, iTunes, Amazon, and her website.

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