3D Security Services Group will continue to protect businesses during COVID-19

We are living in unprecedented times right now due to the coronavirus outbreak, and as many of you know, crime has been an issue here in Albuquerque for a very long time. So what is crime looking like right now in the city with everything that’s going on, specifically with small businesses? We spoke with Christopher Sweetin of 3D Security Services Group to find out.

If you’re a business owner and are looking to hire security for your company, look no further than 3D Security Services Group. Their officers are second to none and are trained based on real-world scenarios to ensure they are fully capable of performing the job they were hired to do. Their team represents a wide array of skills and techniques to cover areas and businesses of all kinds, regardless of the type of security you may need.

3D Security Services Group will be the only one of its kind in New Mexico. Most security companies train their guards internally, which means the training provided varies from company to company, with no standard of training.

In light of the resent coronavirus outbreak, local businesses have had to close their doors to practice social distancing to reduce the spread of the virus. This has left many businesses empty and is potentially easier targets for crime. 3D Security Services Group has gone back to more patrols, having their team stop by the facilities around four times a day at different times.

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