Dannie De Novo wants to help you ‘Get in a Good Mood and Stay There’

Get in a Good Mood and Stay There. That is the title of Dannie De Novo’s international best selling book, and now is the perfect time to grab yourself a copy as we continue to stay home during the coronavirus pandemic. We spoke with Dannie via Skype about the book and how it can help you shift a life of loneliness into a happier lifestyle.

In a world that is so easily connected by technology and social media platforms, loneliness is often invisible to us. You might not even realize that you are a lonely person or the extent of that loneliness. And that’s a real problem because other studies show that loneliness damages your health—it’s equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day! Loneliness has serious mental health risks associated with it but it also increases your risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s, high blood pressure, heart disease, and many other chronic diseases.

Dannie De Novo is the internationally bestselling author of the book Get in a Good Mood & Stay There and a podcast host, as well as a mindset and success coach, who has uniquely blended her own life and business experiences with her studies and the tutelage she has received from her mentors to develop a truly enlightened coaching program.

Because Dannie’s path into the realm of coaching took her through a labyrinth of experiences-from being a paramedic to a practicing attorney, to motherhood and through a divorce-she realizes life’s journey is unpredictable and magical at the same time. Combining these life experiences with her own adolescent and early-adulthood fight with depression, Dannie offers her clients sincere empathy along with a healthy and respectful dose of tenacity and tough love when needed. Dannie De Novo has successfully helped athletic coaches, student-athletes, entrepreneurs, consultants, designers, political candidates, and even parents and their children attain the success they had been so doggedly trying to achieve but continually failed to do so without the help of strategic coaching.

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