The New Mexico School of Music offers music lessons online

They say practice makes perfect, and of course, that is especially true for musical instruments. However, in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, the students over at the New Mexico School of Music haven’t been able to learn the way they are used to, but that has not stopped the staff at the school from teaching them and helping their students perfect their craft. We spoke with them via Skype to see what they are doing, and how they have transitioned to lessons online.

Their online lessons have proven to be very popular and successful. Hundreds of students have continued their weekly lessons with their teachers on Skype, Zoom, and FaceTime. Online lessons are a fun, convenient, safe, and effective way to ensure the continued progress of their students.

If you have been on hold or waiting for make-ups during their now closure, now is the time to reconnect with your teacher and restart the music! You can give them a call at 266-3474 or 294-4604 and they’ll have you up and running in no time. All of their teachers are offering online lessons and schedules can be adjusted to your needs.