Old Barrel Tea Company discusses the benefits of loose leaf tea

Old Barrel Tea Company is a local family business in the Duke City that specializes in tea blending. As we continue to fight the spread of the coronavirus, many of us are looking for new things to try that will improve our overall health. One thing, in particular, that’s really good for us is tea. With spoke with Bailey Huffomon, owner of Old Barrel Tea Company, via Skype, to get some insight into all the health benefits that come with drinking tea.

Old Barrel Tea Company is a female run, family business. They drink tea and tisanes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all the time in between. They don’t put their pinkies up while drinking tea!

Their teas are grown and sourced from all over. While they get most of their base teas from the Yunnan Province (Green, Black, White, etc) due to the fact that they are native to that region, they do source some of their teas from Japan, many of their herbs from the United States (i.e. Peppermint, Lemongrass, Berries, etc), and as many ingredients locally as possible. While they would love to say they grow them all here in their native state, that’s just simply not possible, as their goal is to ensure the highest quality ingredients and taste for their customers.

All of their teas are vegan (they do not use milk chocolate, etc, in any of their teas) as well as gluten-free. You can order tea from their website, as well as tea-like accessories, gift cards, and more.

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