Frank Leto’s ‘Kids Will Be Kids’ offers a great resource for families during COVID-19

Bringing music into the home, Frank Leto is a music educator who has composed a catalog of children’s original music. His music for children is interactive and engages children on many levels; singing, fingerplays, dances, and exercises. We spoke with Frank Leto via Skype to talk about his YouTube video series Kids Will Be Kids, which are virtual music classes, and why this a great resource for families who are sheltering in place and want to bring music into the home.

Frank Leto is a multidimensional artist who has found a balance between being a professional musician and a professional educator. His lifelong pursuit of musical knowledge has led him to appreciate the music of many cultures. Frank’s talent as a composer has allowed him to share this love for music with his peers, students, and community.

Frank is a talented instrumentalist who plays Brazilian percussion, Afro-Cuban percussion and Trinidadian Steel Drums. Frank’s band PANdemonium, features Frank on vocals, steel drums and percussion. He writes all the music for the band which blends musical styles like reggae, ska, soca, calypso, samba, salsa and zouk into his own unique sound. PANdemonium has recorded two World Music CDs.

In 1975 Frank became Montessori certified. He has taught at Montessori schools in Michigan, St. Thomas, San Francisco Bay Area, Hawaii and New Mexico. Dr. Maria Montessori’s philosophy on education inspired Frank to develop a similar approach to music education.

While in the Virgin Islands, Frank saw his first steel band. As an ORFF music instructor, he knew instantly that it would be easy for children to successfully play these instruments. For over twenty years, Frank has arranged and directed steel bands for children. They have performed in Disneyland, Disney World, Epcot Center, Washington DC, Universal Studios and educational conferences across the country.

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