Suffering from major depression? Albuquerque Neuroscience wants participants for study

Albuquerque Neuroscience is a family-owned business that contributes to the development of new treatments for psychiatric illnesses. They have conducted clinical trials in depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and Alzheimer’s disease for the last 30 years. Their depression study is re-opening for new participants and we spoke with Study Coordinator Anderson Riddle, via Skype, about this unique study, how it works, and what the goal is.

This study is a unique study in that the study medication is only taken for two weeks. Also, they will only be using active study medication with no placebo. Major depression is described as sad, hopeless, helpless or worthless mood and loss of interest in usual activities along with other changes to energy, appetite, and sleep. The best way to find out about participating is to call Albuquerque Neuroscience at 505-848-3773.