Today is Earth Day and PNM wants you to celebrate

April 22 is Earth Day. First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day has grown into an international day of celebration in more than 193 countries. This year, of course, things are looking a lot different due to the coronavirus outbreak. We spoke with Shannon Jackson, PNM Spokesperson, via Skype, about what’s different this year, and how you can make a difference in our corner of the planet.

For the past 50 days, PNM has been sharing earth-friendly tips that inspire and help people make simple changes to help our environment. PNM has been also sharing how they’re helping our environment. Of course, things are going to look different for celebration this year, due to COVID-19. Celebrations are now going online through the Earth Day network to find ways how you can help the environment while still maintaining social distancing and preventing the spread of COVID-19.

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