The St. James Tearoom promotes the idea of Civility during these uncertain times

Coping during a crisis. As we continue to work our way through the coronavirus outbreak, many small businesses are having to adjust on the fly in order to stay afloat, and during this time we’ve seen so many in the community step up for those that are hurting the most. We spoke with Mary Alice Higbie, the owner & founder of The St. James Tearoom, via Skype, about what they are doing to help others during this uncertain time.

The St. James Tearoom is a four-star restaurant that serves only one thing, tea. It sprang up out of the recognition of a great need in society today:  the need to escape the “Tyranny of the Urgent” of our modern-day frenetic pace of life, to depart from the “parched landscape of fluorescent lighting and chain- restaurant sameness” to rest, reflect, gain margin back into life, and above all, foster relationships in a society that at best creates shallow ones.

During these uncertain times, The St. James Tearoom would love to promote the idea of civility. The idea of serving others in our community. They also want to promote their wonderful staff for their selfless actions, and the continuing purpose of their business.

Right now, they are offering carryout through online orders only. When you pickup at The St. James Tearoom, they will greet you with your afternoon tea to-go, or your scones at your car. If you decide to walk into their market, attendants will be waiting for you and will have chairs set up for safe social-distancing measures along the way.

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