Riverside Funeral Homes wants you to know what sets them apart

Serving the community with affordable dignity. Riverside Funeral Homes wants you to know that when you go do business with them, you’ll receive the highest quality of care possible. We spoke with Charles Finegan, CEO & Owner of Riverside Funeral Homes, about what sets them apart from others.

When you call Riverside Funeral Home, you will speak with a kind, helpful person that will make sure your family will receive the highest quality care possible. An answering service is not used; twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, one of their own staff will answer your call and questions. They also have their own on-site crematory eliminating the need for third-party involvement, thus helping them keep costs down and passing that savings onto you.

They also offer affordable funeral planning. Riverside Funeral Homes accepts all pre-need insurance policies regardless of where they have been funding. They are even refunding the difference back to the families.

Other services they offer:

  • Direct cremation
  • Immediate burial
  • Traditional full service
  • Pet cremation
  • Veterans discounts

If you have any more questions or want any more information, you can visit their website or call them at their Albuquerque location at (505)-764-9663.

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