PC Place offers IT support for COVID-19

With so many people staying at home during the coronavirus outbreak, odds are that technology in your house is being used a lot more than usual. That means the risk of something breaking is a lot higher. We spoke with Stephen Armijo, President of The PC Place, about how they are still your one-stop shop when it comes to IT support during the current health crisis.

Right now their sales floor is closed, but they are offering curbside services. You can drive up to their building, and they’ll either catch you through their cameras or you can knock on their door. While the can’t let you inside the building, they can come up to your car where you can drop off your device and they will still offer their 48 hour time window. They are also offering remote services via TeamViewer, so they can take a closer look at what’s going on with your device. While this is something they’ve had for a long time, their technicians are prepared to use this more with the current circumstances.

Their mission is to sell, service, and upgrade computer equipment of high quality at reasonable prices.  In addition, this company intends to maintain a superior and well-trained team of committed individuals with a positive and caring attitude.  This group will utilize their creative ingenuity to solve problems and provide efficient solutions while establishing and maintaining lasting relationships with customers. With this combination, they believe they can provide quality products and services that the customer cannot get anywhere else.

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