Albuquerque the Magazine is going digital for COVID-19

Times are changing for just about everyone, and that even includes Albuquerque the Magazine, the city’s leading lifestyle publication. We spoke with Larryl Lynch, Publisher of Albuquerque the Magazine, to get a better look at how the current pandemic has affected them.

Albuquerque the Magazine has now announced the launch of their digital magazine for the April, May, June, and July issues, to help support the community affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Originally sold in stores throughout the city and distributed monthly to subscribers, the magazine is now available for Albuquerque residents to access online for free. The digital version is currently available for no cost to support those affected by the coronavirus in the local community.

Along with the digital version the magazine also introduced “Local Love,” a social media push aimed at helping the efforts of local small businesses and restaurants during these uncertain times.