Ever wondered if you could freeze milk? Sarah Haynes shows you how

As we work our way through the coronavirus pandemic together, many of us are doing our best to stay home as much as possible. That means fewer trips to the grocery store. Now it’s widely known that you can freeze meat to preserve it, but what about dairy products? We spoke with Sarah Haynes, a Health and Wellness Program Coordinator, about the process of freezing and thawing dairy products.

How to freeze milk

Milk is best frozen in smaller freezer-safe containers making sure you leave “headspace” or enough room for it to expand. It does turn a pale yellow, but after thawing in the refrigerator, it’s back to white. Shake well before using it. One great way to use it is to pre-freeze some in ice cube trays and add to a smoothie or iced coffee since it’s hopefully getting warmer.

How to freeze yogurt

Yogurt is best frozen if you are going to use it in a recipe like a smoothie or frozen treat. You can buy flavored yogurt tubes at the store and stick in the freezer or you can mix with fruit and make a frozen yogurt treat that’s tasty and healthy.

How to freeze cheese

This method has always been a time saver for some, but it does vary by cheese. After thawing in the refrigerator, you can put cheeses like cheddar and mozzarella in the freezer by the block or grated. They are recipe ready to cook with or crumble on salads or our favorite chile dishes.

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