‘Better Call Saul’ actor’s emergency response to COVID-19 with Bitco Corporation

Jeremiah Bitsui is an actor (Better Call Saul, Bosch), and outside of acting he is an entrepreneur. He owns Bitco Corporation, a 12-year-old construction company with a specialty in modular building. He and his father started the company in 2008, and they had a sincere need to help folks with innovative construction technology solutions.

With a network of 12+ factories throughout the US, Bitco can produce brand new modular (design-build) permanent or portable.  With the ability to do clinics, and bio 2 medical facilities but design-build takes time.  Due to time constraints were proposing to retrofit buildings in-fleet per immediate emergency needs. 

They’ve developed a few emergency response solutions, which the most inquired about are Alternative Care Facilities, and Quarantine Campuses (to house essential workers).  Their buildings can be mobilized anywhere in the US (lower 48) and upon contract, they can deploy & mobilize units within days.  They are wanting to get the word out there to municipalities, cities, States, and Tribal Nations. Bitco is trying to do its part in this current pandemic.