DAYA General Store is shifting its businesses to help you find pantry staples

Normally DAYA is a catering business in Santa Fe, but for the time being it feels like something else is needed. They are now shifting their energy to finding pantry staples that may be hard to find in the grocery stores and delivering them to your door.

How are they keeping it safe?
They are removing outer boxes and sanitizing packages before they enter the kitchen. They adhere to strict food safety regulations when repackaging certain things like flour and beans, and sanitizing outer packages before they leave.

How does it work?

  • Step 1: Place an order and choose delivery. All orders will be delivered for free in a no-contact method to minimize risk. They are NOT offering pickup at this time.
  • Step 2: All orders will be delivered the next morning.
  • Step 3: They will text you once your items have been delivered.