Mental health and wellness during a pandemic with High Desert Healing

As important as it is to take care of ourselves physically during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is equally important to take care of your mental health as well. Mental health and wellness is a crucial part of everyone’s life, especially during a pandemic. We spoke with Lauren Gomez, CEO & Psychotherapist for High Desert Healing, to get more insight as to why taking care of mental health should be a top priority.

High Desert Healing is an outpatient wellness center specializing in psychotherapy and medication management. They offer individual, couples, and family therapy. They also offer group services such as support groups, psychoeducational groups, and instruction groups such as learning how to meditate, or how to implement Mindfulness into your daily life.

High Desert Healing’s philosophy is to contribute to the health and wellness of our society by providing a nurturing safe haven where mental health is prioritized, treated, and valued. They aim to increase self-awareness and quality of life in the community by offering individualized mental-health treatment to an extensive array of demographics. They strive to employ the necessary well trained clinical staff to respond to the full spectrum of mental health problems.

The following are their primary objectives:

  • Create healing connections and networks within our community to help meet the demand for quality mental health care in our State.
  • Create a community, state, and world where mental health is valued and treated just as consistently and fervently as physical health.
  • Positively influence the well-being and quality of life within our community by offering comprehensive and individualized mental health treatment, guidance, and support.
  • Offer a full range of diagnostic services including psychiatric, psychological, educational, and other ancillary screening and assessment for clients suffering from a host of mental impairments.

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