TFTWood is helping healthcare & front line professionals with ‘ear savers’

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on the local economy, leaving businesses with two choices; panic or pivot. At TFTWood, they chose to pivot and do everything they could to help those in need.

So what exactly did they do? We spoke with Tricia & Zach Trift, owners of TFTWood, to find out.

TFTWood is an acronym that stands for The Family Tree Woodworking, as a family was their inspiration for starting this business. They wholesale and resale kitchen gadgets, accessories, and gifts with a focus on wood. They pride themselves on bringing an artistic appeal to functional items. They are New Mexico True Certified and source the majority of their raw materials from local businesses further encouraging local economic growth in Albuquerque.

When COVID-19 started to affect the local economy, their vending opportunites and retail sales closed down accordingly. With a woodshop full of equipment, they knew there had to be a way for them to create something that would be helpful during this time and they were determined to help the community in whatever way they could.

This decision lead them to the manufacturing of S Clips or “Ear Savers” as some people are calling them. Essentially the clips remove pressure from the back of the ears by nesting the face mask strings in the back of the head via this clip. They have had an overwhelming response both locally and nationally for these clips. They’ve mailed out over 12000 units and more orders are still coming in.

They want to continue to support Healthcare & Front Line Professionals by creating more of the S Clips. Unfortunately, the expense of the raw materials adds up fast. Here’s how you can help:

  • Anyone can visit their website and sponsor a sheet of raw materials. The sheets can be designated for donations locally in Albuquerque or any destination nationwide.
  • You can purchase a Healthcare Hero ornament off their website. 25% of all purchases will go towards research for finding a COVID-19 vaccine.
  • In addition to their regular product line of cutting boards and kitchen gifts & gadgets, they now offer laser cut wood art kits. These kits encourage creativity and art while practicing social distancing. They are available on their website as well.

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