Register now for the fall at St. Therese Catholic School

Working together to get kids back into the classroom. As we work our way through the coronavirus pandemic, there’s a lot of optimism that schools will re-open in the fall. So what exactly are schools doing to make this happen? We spoke with Donna Illerbrun, Principal of St. Therese Catholic School, about how they adjusted during the pandemic and what they’re doing now to resume school in a couple of months.

St. Therese Catholic School is a Pre-k to 8th Grade Catholic School. STEM based classes, as well as Spanish, Music, Art, PE and Computer Science for all ages! Preparing students for the real world as well rounded, service oriented citizens. They continue to grow and adapt in this ever-changing world.

Classes went live virtually as soon as school coursers took place. Distance learning continued to engage and enrich their students on their educational journey.

They are prepared for whatever the future holds for St. Therese Catholic School. They plan to come back to their physical buildings in the fall. However, they must adapt to the needs of their students and society. They have plenty of room for social distancing, and the teachers are prepared to go back to virtual teaching if necessary. The safety of their students, staff, and community is most important.

They are now registering students for the fall. St. Therese Catholic School plans to open up in August. Register now to save a seat for the fall! Class sizes are limited. One class per grade level- once they are filled, a waiting list will be started. To find out more information on how to register and tho schedule a “virtual tour,” you can head to their website.

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