BernCo Co-op tells how to spend this summer home with the kids

It’s no secret that the school year got flipped upside down when the coronavirus hit. Now that the school year is over, what will summer break look like as we continue to grapple with the current health crisis. We spoke with Cindy Davies, County Program Director and Family & Consumer Sciences Agent for the Bernalillo County Co-op about what summer home with the kids could look like.

Now that school is over, you’re probably wondering how to have a summer with your kids in these unusual times. This can be especially challenging if you are still working from home.

  • Routine is very important, especially for children. Keep a schedule!
  • Schedule in fun, summer activities and some day’s off, if possible.
  • This may be the summer of creative summer fun – no big travel plans or trips to Disneyland.
  • Kids need your attention and time more than anything else! Create memories with your kids.

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