Get short stories from local authors through a subscription

Sonja Dewing is a published author and award-winning creative writer. She started her company, Plot Duckies, to help writers write their creative stories.

Dewing has been doing that through events, like the Short Storyathon where writers write a short story and publish to Amazon on a weekend. Now, she wants to help local writers share their stories to new readers. After many successful Short Storyathons with over 20 participating writers, she’s offering their stories as a subscription.

How does it work?

  • You decided on your price/ frequency: $23 for 12 stories (1 story per week) or $1.99 a month (1 story per month).
  • You’ll receive your first story within 24 hours of signing up
  • And continue to receive one each week for 12 weeks ($23) or each month for 12 months ($1.99 per month).
  • Files will be sent in PDF, Mobi (used by Kindle), and epub (used by Nook, etc.)

Authors will receive a royalty for sales. During March, April, May, and June, Plot Duckies are increasing their royalty payment to authors to help them out during this trying time. To sign up just head to their website.

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