‘Crashed in Roswell’ podcast gives a new angle on the Roswell lore

When people hear the name Roswell, the first thought that comes to many is aliens! The city is internationally known for an incident that took place back in 1947 when an alleged UFO crashed outside of city limits. Since the city has become a hot tourist destination for alien enthusiasts across the globe, but how did this incident affect those who actually live there? We spoke with local Roswell native Kyle Bullock, host and creator of the podcast Crashed in Roswell – Survivors in a Misunderstood City, about how this podcast is taking a whole new angle on the Roswell lore.

Crashed in Roswell is a brand new podcast that takes a whole new angle on the Roswell Lore. Host Kyle Bullock takes us on an emotional journey as he looks into his family’s history in Roswell, only to uncover an unbelievable link to an individual connected to the Roswell UFO crash. In the series, he explores the nature of truth itself as they examine the effect the infamous UFO crash has had on the community of Roswell all these years later. He also uncovers a story of a man whose entire life was dramatically altered by the events and his incredible, never before heard connection to the events in Roswell.

The podcast has been gathering an audience all over the country and is retelling an old story in a way that is incredibly relevant today. The nature of this show deals with the very issues we deal with today – truth, how lies and conspiracies affect our communities, and the feeling of being misunderstood and unheard by the world at large. For those feeling unheard, this story is for you. You can listen to the podcast by visiting their website.