Will the show go on? How local theaters are trying to stay afloat during COVID-19

Live performances have been shuttered across the country since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, bringing an unprecedented challenge to Albuquerque theaters. So what are they doing to stay afloat and to stay creative?

During the shutdown, theaters around the Duke City have gotten creative in how they still connect with audiences. The Vortex Theatre has produced a series of videos on the topic of courage and isolation. Albuquerque Little Theatre has partnered with other companies, like Musical Theatre Southwest, to stream intimate performances such as the timely piece Before the Fourth. And companies like Tricklock* and Duke City Repertory Theatre have invited collaboration with artists remotely through a virtual Reptilian Lounge and No Holds Bard!

*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Tricklock Theater Company announced they would be shutting their doors after 27 years in Albuquerque.

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