Discover the world right outside your backyard with the Backyard Science Series

Discover the fascinating world right outside your backyard. You can now take an active part in understanding, caring for, and studying your environment thanks to the Backyard Science Series. We spoke with Marnie Rehn, Bachechi Open Space Caretaker, to get more insight into what the Backyard Science Series is all about.

This series of virtual events will be live-streamed on the Bachechi Open Space Facebook page. On Saturday, July 18th, they’ll be hosting “Living and Adapting with Fire.” This is an introduction to the fire ecology of various forested systems common to northern New Mexico. Explore what it means for landscapes and houses to be fire-adapted. Understand the ways communities can learn to live safely within areas where fire can run wild. To find out more about, just head to their Facebook page.