Mindfulness-based stress reduction with The Mindful Center

Michelle DuVal is the director of The Mindful Center, as well as the leading provider of Mindfulness Training in the Southwest United States, with her ongoing programs appearing in such top organizations as Presbyterian Hospitals, the University of New Mexico, Sandia National Laboratories, the New Mexico Heart Institute, the Albuquerque Public School system, the City of Albuquerque, the Department of Energy, and more. She is also a top-rated meditation teacher on the largest meditation app in the world, Insight Timer, and she is a top-rated “meditation artist” on a curated list on Spotify.

All of her programs and guided meditations are evidence based, steeped in research, and skillfully interweave the profundity of the practice with the humor of insight every step of the way. Her skill in teaching comes not only from training with some of the top meditation masters in the world, but also from years of learning, practicing, and teaching with her father, Jim DuVal, the founder of The Mindful Center.


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