Santa Fe entrepreneurs seek investors to help launch Stokli

It’s the General Store of the future. Stokli started out by sourcing and delivering pantry goods that were hard to find around town during the pandemic. Now it’s evolved to a brick-and-mortar general store with a delivery service. They are currently seeking investors to join in their mission to strengthen our regional food system. We spoke with founders Marianne and Hans Sundquist about the exciting investment opportunity.

Stokli was born out of a rare opportunity to fill true community needs. Founders Marianne and Hans see Stokli as one of many united community initiatives working toward a shared vision of a robust New Mexico food system.

“We aim to provide farmers with additional stability, flexibility, and increased autonomy. With increased revenues, growers and producers can choose (with alleviated pressure) which wholesale and direct sales are most profitable and satisfying. We aim to be a hub for dry goods, and hope to grow into a capacity that provides farmers consistent sales, helps them move excess inventories, and be a friend and partner throughout the entire year,” says Hans.

“At first, we started delivering dry goods through our online shop DAYA asan emergency response to the need for pantry staples like flour and yeast. Ever since, we have been selling pantry staples at wholesale pricing to make these basic foods as accessible as possible. As the months went by, this new concept started to emerge, revolving around a single idea— celebrating and supporting local growers and makers. We feel compelled with urgency, because small businesses are hurting and small farms and makers are the future. We had no idea how the past number of months would teach us, challenge us and ultimately inspire us to change our lives,” says Marianne.

Stokli aims to provide additional revenue streams for existing farmers and help new farmers grow into their capacity to sell at markets and beyond. The General Store will include a buy-one-give-one model where when select pantry items are purchased, an equal amount will be given to a local organization working to feed those in need. They are raising funds for the project via the Indiegogo Campaign which is live now.

Stokli is inspired by the Swiss and German word “Stockli”. According to Swiss tradition, every farm should have one: a stone home for the farmer once he retires so that he can keep an eye on the younger generation. While DAYA owners Marianne and Hans Sundquist are not farmers and far from retired, this felt like a perfect name that reflects their aim to support local farms while looking to the future.

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Who is Stokli for? 🤷⁠ Stokli boxes are perfect for foodies, home cooks, bakers, basically anyone who likes the good stuff. Our subscriptions make great gifts! Though Stokli is centered in New Mexico, our subscription boxes are for everyone. We ship throughout the lower 48.⁠ . For those located in or around Santa Fe 🏕⁠ Stokli will be a hub for local and organic pantry staples, dry goods, with a coffee & tea shop inside. Essentially this will be a general store focused on high quality, locally sourced ingredients, and specialty foods. Did we mention we'll have lattes?⁠ .⁠ If this sounds like something you want to see happen, you want to partake in, you want to support, then please read more at the link in our profile. 💚

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