America Prays wants you to do your part by filling out the 2020 Census

The Census. It is something that we are asked to fill out once every ten years. Yet some people chose not to. Brian Alarid, President of America Prays discussed why it is so important to take the Census seriously and how we could all do our part.

America Prays is a movement of churches and non-profits that pray for and serve the community. For the 2020 Census, they have put together a faith-based 2020 Census Toolkit. The resources found aim to equip pastors and faith leaders to communicate the important message of the 2020 Census to their congregations.

In the toolkit, you will find information about the 2020 Census, talking points for faith leaders, social media content, and handouts that will help you educate families in preparation for the 2020 Census.

America Prays also offering a $25 gift card to the first five people who call 505-715-3275 for help to complete their census. This is just a fun incentive to help people do their part for the Census!

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