The ‘Enchantment Awards Intensive’ is teaching theatre to New Mexico high school students

What is a young, up incoming theatre actor to do when gathering isn’t allowed? That is the situation so many thespians have run into during the coronavirus pandemic. Thankfully, there is an online workshop called “Enchantment Awards Intensive” that is helping drama programs across the state hone back in on their craft. Actor and Producer Kenneth Mosley discussed more on this online workshop.

The “Enchantment Awards Intensive” is the first-ever workshop for students this summer. They work with high school drama programs and students across the state of New Mexico. Kenneth Mosley, who is a graduate of Del Norte High School, a star of touring Broadway shows, will be a guest artist in the Intensive, teaching a class for the students in the workshop.

You can find out more about the workshop taking place on Sunday, August 2 at 7 PM by heading to the New Mexico High School Musical Theatre Awards Facebook page. You can find Kenneth Mosley on Instagram and Twitter.