Vara Winery + Distillery gives wine and cheese pairings for Albariño Days

There are all sorts of combinations out there that just work. One of them is wine and cheese. Everyone knows wine and cheese pairings are a hallmark of summer and owner at Vara Winery + Distillery Doug Diefenthaler discussed some wine and cheese pairing ideas for Albariño Days.

“There’s nothing better on a summer’s afternoon in the shade than sharing with a friend some Capricho de Cabra, a mild Spanish Murcian goat’s milk cheese, a chilled bottle of cool and crisp Vara Albariño, along with a fresh sliced pear and some Marcona Almonds. Harmonious, delicious, appetizing, and oh so friendly” says wine enthusiast Doug Diefenthaler, owner of Vara Winery + Distillery, located in Albuquerque.

Vara’s Albarino is a bright and versatile compliment to any table of flavorful light to medium bodied dishes. It shows as much of an affinity for seafood as it does for poultry. It’s at home with a broad spectrum of cuisines from Pan Asian to Pacific Rim from Mediterranean to Mid-Eastern and American Southwestern cuisine. Serve chilled on a hot summer night.

“Wine professionals are taught early on to “buy wine with bread and sell wine with cheese” – bread unmasks and unveils the wine, you’ll notice it’s flaws if it has them. You sell wine with cheese because it is all good – but some pairings are even better. You can turn something average into something spectacular. You will not disappoint anyone with wine and cheese. They really like each other a lot.”

With 30 years in the wine industry, Diefenthaler knows his stuff. “Then, there is magic. These pairings are right on, enchanting. Harmonious. But the most important part of pairings is enjoying the experience and the people you are with.”

Try these pairings at home

  • 2018 VARA Albariño –Made right here in Albuquerque, New Mexico with Spanish Capricho de Cabra with herbs, Marcona Almonds, and freshly sliced pear
  • Vara Viña Cardinal – an aperitif, served with New Mexico pistachios for day drinking and telling lies
  • Vara Tempranillo – Serve with 12 month Aged Manchego Spanish Cheese, a little Jamón ibérico or sliced Spanish chorizo
  • Come on by Vara Winery + Distillery to pick up a couple of bottles. You can purchase any of the accompaniments listed at your local Whole Foods or fine grocer.

Vara is an international family of Spanish and American wines celebrating the origins of the American wine experience thanks to the historical connection of Spain and New Mexico. Vara’s craft distillery is producing Spanish and American brandy and whiskey, rye,rum, gin, and vermouth available soon. Some wines have a story, they have a history.

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