Encouraging women to stay safe with Smart Girl Self Defense classes

Mike and Heather Winkeljohn own and operate the Jackson Wink Academy, Wink’s JW Gym, Smart Girl Self Defense and IncredAble Adaptive MMA. They have taught families, athletes, and disabled youth and teens, in the sport of MMA and fitness for many years.

Smart Girl Self Defense is a class designed for girls and women. The course was designed so they could gain more awareness and have practical tools for dealing with dangerous situations. The minimum age to attend the course is 12 years old. The course is taught every 3 months. The idea behind SGSD is based on escaping dangerous physical confrontations and building the importance of listening to your instincts. They discuss psychology and neuroscience that affects our body and mind in the time of stress. Techniques are simple and practical and the idea is to avoid the fight, but fight if you need it.

The next class is Friday, August 14, from 4 PM to 9 PM, and classes are $89 plus tax. Due to COVID-19, they will be drastically limiting the number of participants so space is limited. To register, just head to their website.