Community gives business tips from a successful entrepreneur is a network, designed to support the professional needs of Professionals and Consultants. They provide a directory for their members and promote them via the use of SEO. provides numerous benefits to all members – perhaps the most valuable collaborations and connections. CEO Jane Bradley discussed what they are all about as well as giving some useful business tips from a successful entrepreneur.

How does it work?

  • Search their directory for professionals. All searches are free and you won’t have to register or create an account.
  • You can view profiles of all the Pros that meet your needs and connect.
  • All contracts and payments are private – conducted between you and the professional.
  • Use their connection site as often as you want to find experts to help you succeed at work and at home.

Right now, is promoting a new ebook on how to succeed in life and business. It’s free for New Mexico Living viewers and it will be out of editing by August 15th and will be emailed to all those who requested it. Just send them an email and cell number!

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