Bosque Brewing Co. discusses their Diversity in Brewing Scholarship initiative

Ditching tips for donations. The current pandemic has affected all of us in one way or another, some, of course, harder than others. During times like this, it is important to have each other’s back. That’s why Bosque Brewing Company rolled out its Diversity in Brewing Scholarship Initiative, which stopped them from accepting tips and instead started accepting donations to benefit our community. Bosque Brewing Cheif Experience Officer Jess Griego discussed more on the initiative.

At Bosque Brewing Co., they think of world-class beer as foundational. Everything they are creating and accomplishing is built on beer, this beverage that has brought people together for millennia. Using beer as a springboard, they strive to shed a light on all of the wonderful reasons they are honored to call New Mexico their home. Bosque Brewing Co.’s aim is to improve our community with the products they craft and the experiences they offer. This is played out in their inclusive community spaces, which bring individuals together over great beer and great conversation. Bosque Brewing Co. pushes the boundaries and norms of craft beer while remaining true to their values and sense of community. They have partnered with local businesses, growers, and charities to deepen their commitment to the state that has supported their growth for over seven years. They look forward to continuing to create revolutionary products and curate spaces where people come to know that they are an integral part of their story.

Reacting to multiple government-mandated changes to their business operations while balancing the longevity of the business and their employees’ well-being has been difficult. At the same time, Bosque Brewing Co. has tried to balance the proper use of stimulus money, employee burnout, and the safety of their coworkers and customers. One of the ways they have attempted to balance these factors is through a change in the compensation strategy. Due to the most recent restrictions enacted on July 13, which they respect, part of the compensation change was to no longer accept tips at any of Bosque Brewing Co.’s locations. After running business models based on 50% patio service, they found that their employees would be making less than what they would on unemployment, specifically the $600 in weekly federal pandemic assistance. Tips are an uncontrollable variable that may inadvertently disqualify an employee from receiving the federal pandemic relief money, leaving an employee making more than state unemployment but less than what they would have made by qualifying for the federal pandemic assistance. Therefore Bosque Brewing Co. made the decision to put their employees’ financial well-being first by ensuring their scheduling and pay practices to guarantee their employee’s qualification for a limited amount of state unemployment money, which qualifies them to receive the full $600 in weekly federal pandemic relief money in addition to their Bosque wages and state unemployment money.

Since they are trying to maintain this level of federal financial assistance for their employees, Bosque Brewing Co. is not currently accepting tips. In lieu, they are accepting donations to benefit our community in the following way. They have been listening and discussing as an executive team over the past few months and have decided to develop a Diversity in Brewing Scholarship which all donations will be allocated towards. Bosque will match these donations 100%. This scholarship fund will provide brewing education opportunities specifically for individuals from disenfranchised groups including, but not limited to race, sexual orientation, physical ability, or age. This builds on their commitment to disenfranchised groups including their mission at their sister restaurant, Restoration Pizza, and the Spacelion for Life Foundation in partnership with NMSU.

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