Blue Clover Distillery making waves throughout the southwest

If you’re from the 505, odds are you know who UFC Champion Holly Holm is. Turns out, her brother Weston Holm is also making quite a name for himself thanks to Blue Clover Distillery.

Owned by Weston, Blue Clover Distillery is Scottsdale’s first-ever micro-distillery producing high-end, small-batch gin and vodka. This independently-owned distillery has its spirits exclusively distributed to top retailers like Costco, Total Wine and more, and is available in restaurants and bars throughout News Mexico and Arizona.

Like many distilleries during the pandemic, Blue Clover had to change up their operation to stay afloat. “We were probably one of maybe five or ten distilleries in the entire nation to launch hand sanitizer first,” Holm says. “We were able to get ahold of stuff and we had everything ready to go and then all of a sudden, we get a federal email from the TTB [the Tax and Trade Bureau], they gave us form saying all small distilled spirits plants can produce hand sanitizer so we already had all the products in hand. That’s why we were able to launch so efficiently.”

Holm says, due to the pandemic, the hand sanitizer will be a permanent product with Blue Clover Distillery. More information and where to buy Blue Clover Distillery products are available on their website or their Facebook page.