The Box offering up local online improv shows during pandemic

In 2012, The Box Performance Space created “The Show,” a short-form improv show which has been performing every Friday and Saturday night. This is the longest-running performance in Albuquerque and has received many “Best of Albuquerque” awards.

Since theaters are closed for the time being due to the pandemic, The Box Performance Space decided to launch “The Show at Home,” which is a live stream version of the stage production. Doug Montoya, owner of the Box, says they were hesitant at first to move The Show online. “We had seen some improvisers do it over Zoom and it was just clunky, it was really hard to stay engaged and we had found a really nice OBS software that helped us really manage what everybody’s looking at. The improvisers have a lot of control of how they come into the screen, how they come out and they’re able to manipulate what the audience sees,” Montoya says.

The Box and The Show both fall under the umbrella of The Cardboard Playhouse which is a nonprofit theater company. The Cardboard Playhouse will be hosting an eight-hour online telethon on Sunday, September 6 from 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. over Labor Day weekend. Donations can be made and more information found at The Box’s website or the Cardboard Playhouse’s website.