HopeWorks receives donation of 100 beds to help homelessness

HopeWorks is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Founded in 1985 by a group of concerned leaders, HopeWorks has grown to become the largest provider of services for people experiencing (or at risk of) homelessness in Albuquerque. Every year, approximately 15,000 individuals go to them for help. Recently, they have received a generous donation of 100 beds from the LDS Church to Hope Found, one of the many programs at HopeWorks. Executive Director Greg Morris discussed more.

HopeWork’s mission is to assist people who are experiencing homelessness or near-homelessness by providing resources, opportunities, and hope. They aim to end homelessness, one person, and one family at a time. No one is turned away. They treat everyone with dignity and respect, and most importantly, they offer them hope for a better tomorrow.

HopeWorks is more than a homeless shelter. Their day shelter is not only where meals are served but also has:

  • A mailroom
  • A place to shower
  • Access to health and hygiene items like razors, deodorant, sunscreen, undergarments, and feminine hygiene products
  • Short and long-term storage
  • Access to telephone and internet
  • A clothing room.

The also offer

  • Behavioral and mental health services, as well as individual and group therapy. Hopeworks is a Community Mental Health Center, which means they can provide these services to anyone, regardless of their housing situation.
  • Assistance in employment. They house a robust Employment Services division, which helps clients with job placement, retention, training, and temporary and permanent employment.
  • Housing. Through their myriad of housing programs, they help individuals and families exit homelessness and remain housed.

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