SWDC Bio Sanitizing is helping businesses stay clean and sanitized through COVID-19

Keeping things clean and sanitized. We are in the middle of a global pandemic right now, which means it is crucial now more than ever that businesses keep up with their cleaning protocols. One company that wants to make sure that everyone is staying safe and healthy is SWDC Bio Sanitizing. Owners Michael and Veronica Chavez discussed their company and why the work they do is so vital during these times.

SWDC Bio Sanitizing is a professional disinfecting company that has plans on growing. When they come to your business, they bring their Proactive Step Plan:

  • Step 1: They disinfect killing viruses such as the coronavirus, hepatitis B&C, Hantavirus, HIV-1, Swine Influenza, and much more.
  • Step 2: Once step one has its dwell time, they then apply a second chemical to surface coat & protect that lasts up to 90 days fighting bacteria, germs, mold and, more.

All of their chemicals are EPA Approved and they are certified in their field of business. SWDC Bio Sanitizing hopes to help businesses start making money again, children back to school, and people back to work because they care.

To set up an appoint, visit their website or call them at 505-721-9940.

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