Trost Financial Consulting can help with finances during COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll not only on people’s health but also on their financials. Greg Trost, Founder and President of Trost Financial Consulting talked about some financial concerns people are having during the pandemic.

The Cares Act now has given people the ability to withdraw funds from their retirement plans without penalties, Trost Financial Consulting can help you decide if that’s a good idea for your situation. The consulting group can also help you decide if you should maintain your current investment strategy.

Trost Financial Consulting believes that financial prosperity is best paired with personal fulfillment. Their distinct approach uses both financial and personal advising to help you strive toward holistic success. They’ll get to know your every hope, uncertainty, and preference so that they can support sound decisions-both with your money and in your everyday life.

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