Smith’s offers tips on how to reduce food waste

Millions of Americans struggle with food insecurity and unfortunately during the pandemic that number has grown. With September being Hunger Action Month, Smith’s has a few tips for consumers on ways to help reduce food waste, as well as tips on how we can each help those struggling with food insecurity.

Food Saving Tips

  • Most fruits and vegetables — except tomatoes — should be refrigerated. It helps them last longer and it usually makes them taste better.
  • Many fresh or prepared foods are labeled with a “Sell-By” date as a guide for how long the item should be displayed for sale before quality deteriorates.
  • Extremely hot (over 100˚ F) and cold (below 30˚ F) temperatures can damage canned goods and make them go bad.

Smith’s also suggests donating canned goods to local food banks to help out your community.

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