Sole Comfort wants to help relieve pain from the shoes we wear

Are you someone who suffers from feet, knee, hip, or back pain? Unfortunately, so many of us do. That’s why sole Comfort wants to help you out. They are a retail shoe store that provides biomechanical evaluations, custom shoes, and orthotics.

Peggy Lucas-Swisher, owner of Sole Comfort, says one of the more common problems she sees is people wearing shoes that are too small. “As we age, our feet get bigger forever and ever. They elongate, the arches come down. We’re not growing but we can’t wear the same size at 45 that we did at 20. It just doesn’t work anymore,” Lucas-Swisher says.

She also says they can help with one of the most common problems for people in the modern world, plantar fasciitis or heel pain. “We figure out what kind of support you need, whether it’s an over-the-counter arch support, whether it’s a simple wedge,” Lucas-Swisher said. “A lot of the times, what we see, is people go to the doctor, and they got their cortisone shot and they’re icing and they’re stretching and they’re not getting better. And again, the big part of that is their shoes being interruptingly supportive possibly not fitting.”

Those interested in making an appointment at Sole Comfort can do so by calling (505) 296-1645 or visit them on their website.

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