It’s all about Air Fryers with BernCo Extension Service

Air fries are the newest kitchen gadget, but what are they and what are the benefits of cooking with air fryers? Diane Christensen, NMSU Assistant Professor and FCS Agent of New Mexico State University (NMSU) discussed some tips on how to cook with air fryers and also discuss their upcoming ZOOM cooking classes.

Why switch to an air fryer?

Air fryers circulate air at high temperatures up to 400F for about 10-25 minutes. Similar to a convection oven however with a little bit of oil, usually 1 TBL or less, it “fries” the food and gives it the same satisfying fatty taste with less fat. You can also grill, roast, and bake foods.

Air Fryers are a great option if you are diabetic, have heart disease, or other chronic diseases or simply managing your weight. Air fried food has 75% less fat than traditional fried food making it a healthier alternative to getting that fried food taste without the health risks. They use less oil, electricity, and cook meals faster. Cooking smells are reduced as well.

In October, the Bernalillo County Extension Service will be hosting a 4-week long ZOOM series called “Kitchen Creations,” a cooking school for those with diabetes. In November, they will be hosting a class on healthy breakfasts. To register, just head to their website.

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