AARP launches ‘Protect Voters 50+’ initiative

AARP has launched an initiative called “Protect Voters 50+” to help ensure that voters age 50 plus can votes safely no matter how they chose to do so — through absentee, early voting, or on Election Day. AARP is also informing candidates to pay attention to the issues older voters care about – -Social Security, Medicare, and lowering prescription drug costs — because older voters decided the last election and will do so again. Beth Velasquez, Associate State Director for Communications at AARP New Mexico, discussed why this initiative is so important right now.

Absentee ballots are available to all registered New Mexico voters who request them, allowing people to vote safely from home amid the coronavirus pandemic:

  • All registered voters can request an absentee ballot application. Absentee ballots will arrive with postage-paid return envelopes.
  • Voters can also cast their ballots early in person from Oct. 6, through Oct. 31, helping cut down on Election Day lines.

AARP is urging older Americans to ask the candidates 5 key questions:

  • Just over half of all older Social Security beneficiaries rely on the program for at least 50 percent of their income. If elected, how will you ensure that current and future Social Security benefits are not cut as part of deficit reduction?
  • Half of the people with traditional Medicare spent at least a sixth of their income on health care. If elected, how will you protect Medicare from benefit cuts, as well as lower health care costs and ensure seniors continue receiving the affordable health care they have earned?
  • Unemployment during the coronavirus crisis reached the highest levels since the Great Depression, and older Americans have been affected disproportionately. If elected, how will you help Americans over the age of 50 recover economically from the effects of the coronavirus?
  • Americans pay the highest prescription drug prices in the world. If elected, how will you cut prescription drug prices for all Americans?
  • COVID-19 has caused death and suffering for too many older Americans who require long-term care. If elected, how will you make sure seniors can access safe and affordable long-term care at home, as well as in facilities like nursing homes and assisted living?

To stay updated on the 2020 election, you can go to AARP New Mexico’s website.

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